The result of over 18 years of research and development, REEM is a powerful blend of biocatalysts that breaks down complex organic molecules.
REEM Odor is a special blend that has been specifically constructed for industrial grade odor removal
REEM Odor is safe for everyday use in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.
REEM comes packaged in silver foil packets, with the powder solution requiring activating in Water.


REEM Odor can be used to eliminate the sources of odor in the following sites;
Food Production Tapioca processing plants
Rubber Production Dairy farms
Slaughterhouses Fruit and Vegetable farms/collectives
Wastewater treatment plants General septic issues in Homes/Arcades/Buildings/Offices


In general, 100g of REEM Odor can be activated with up to 100 liters of water.
This water can then be used for the above applications
For personalised dosing recommendations, contact us via the button below.

Brands (Origins)

100g Pack
1kg Pack

Shipping Details
Available upon request
Available upon request
Other notes

This product is 100% natural, non-toxic and chemical free
This product will not work with in environments with a pH lower than 3 and higher than 9
This product is not suitable for extreme temperatures

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