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Butter Oil


Butter Oil is a high quality and pure butterfat produced from top quality cream, by removing nearly all the moisture and non‐fat solids from the finished product.
It is free from preservatives and chemical additives.
Its properties are very similar to that of Clarified Butter or Ghee.
This ensures a longer shelf life as well as removes the need for refridgeration when storing the product


This product can be used in the production process for the following foods:
Butter manufacturing Confectionaries
Recombining Fats Bakeries
Ice cream Liquid milk

This product is also very suitable for general cooking applications in restaurants

Brands (Origins)
We currently supply this product from the following countries; Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Poland, USA, France

3.5 kg Canister
210kg Drum

Shipping Details
Available upon request
Available upon request
Other notes

This product is suitable for the lactose intolerant

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