Who We Are

Founded in 1965 by our late Chairman, Mr. Jagdish Rai Khorana, the UGA Group is a conglomerate of rapidly growing, customer focused companies based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our diverse business interests range from international trading, dairy products and farming, and acid activated clay. In addition, railway & engineering products, agricultural exports and the ongoing operation of a fresh food market also fall within our business portfolio.

The UGA Group consists of the following companies:

1. United Global Agencies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2. Uniglobe (Thai) Co., Ltd.
3. Actochem (Thai) Industries Co., Ltd.
4. Dee Jay Farm Co., Ltd.


We sincerely believe in the time-honored value of satisfying and delighting all our customers. With this philosophy in mind, we aim to provide all consumers with the finest products at the most affordable prices to enhance and improve the well being of our communities.

We also believe in “MOVING FORWARD”, and thus are always on the lookout for new markets and ventures in order to achieve a balance of both stability and dynamism.

In order to truly better our community, the Group is also actively involved in social welfare and responsibility. Founded by the Group, the “Maya Devi Trust” has contributed to the enhancement of lives for the people residing in communities near its business ventures.

It has received recognition from the local authorities not only for its role in providing employment in the area, but also for its continual involvement in community and social service, regularly giving scholarships to deserving students. Furthermore, Dee Jay Farm has regularly provided free medical check-up camps and vocation training to the students of nearby schools within the community.

The Team is Key

The Group’s competitiveness in the ever-changing business environment is the result of its commitment to consumers, customers, employees, suppliers and the local community. A working atmosphere of trust and respect has given the Group a team of dedicated people, who have been instrumental in the development of both business and customer satisfaction.
We attribute the team’s efforts for the fact that each of the Group’s core business holds the leading share in its specific market segment.